How to Make Fresh Orange Juice

Preparing orange juice may be one of the easiest tasks, and it you may or may not need to use a juicer. There are a number of different strategies which can be used to make the juice which is one of the most popular types of juices to make because of it’s high nutritional value … Continue reading “How to Make Fresh Orange Juice”

Preparing orange juice may be one of the easiest tasks, and it you may or may not need to use a juicer. There are a number of different strategies which can be used to make the juice which is one of the most popular types of juices to make because of it’s high nutritional value and great taste. If you want to make juice, but are not sure which kind to make, then you’ll definitely want to consider making some fresh orange juice. This article will let you know how to juice the oranges with using juicer of any kind.

Orange Juice

You’ll want to start by gathering up enough oranges to make a good amount of juice. Gently squeeze the oranges to get them softened up. This will make the actual juicing step much easier because it will make the oranges easier to work with. Wash the oranges thoroughly, cut them in half, and then remove any seeds that can be found within the orange.

With an orange half in hand, cut in a circular motion around the orange to slightly separate the orange from the peel. Do not cut the orange fruit completely out of the peel. Next with the orange in hand again, face the fruit downward and hold it over the serving pitcher and squeeze. The juice will run out of the orange half and into the pitcher. Rotate and squeeze the orange half until no more juice is produced from squeezing. Once this is done, you may cut the fruit portion out of the orange and place that into the serving pitcher as well for added pulp. Repeat this process with the remaining oranges and once you have a full pitcher of orange juice, place it in the refrigerator and chill until you are ready to serve it.

That’s all there is to it. When you’ve completed this process you’ll have a wonderful batch of orange juice ready to serve at any meal. There are other way to make orange juice, such as using juicers, but this is the quickest and easiest way to make a fresh batch of orange juice that can be placed directly on the table.

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Top 10 Fast But Easy Weight Loss Exercises

Have you ever told yourself that you will do everything just to be fit and slim? Do you want to be able to buy small clothes instead of large sizes? If you answered yes to these questions, then you definitely have to know our Top 10 Fast but Easy Weight Loss Exercises.

Weight Loss

The secret to losing your weight and never gaining it back is variety. Our Top 10 Fast but Easy Weight Loss Exercises offer a variety so you can choose from them or you can try them all so that you would not end up getting bored on your daily exercise routines.

1. Walking is absolutely the first on our Top 10 fast but easy weight loss exercises. Walking for about 30 – 45 minutes a day is actually equivalent to eating 2-5 hamburgers in a day.

2. Jogging is twice helpful since you burn your fats faster compared to walking but you must be careful when you jog as this should never be overdone.

3. Doing sit-ups is another of our top 10 fast but easy weight loss exercises as it is really good for our fat bellies.

4. Biking is a good exercise too as your body does a lot of physical actions while biking.

5. Swimming is part of our top 10 fast but easy weight loss exercise as it also burns fat fast with just 2-5 laps in an Olympic size pool.

6. Dancing can also help you lose your weight fast but is very easy and enjoyable at the same time.

7. Cardiovascular exercises like doing the thread mill everyday for about 30-45 minutes a day is also part of our top 10 fast but easy exercise.

8. Aerobic exercise is also a way to shed those body fats and is very easy as well because you are just like dancing while listening to music.

9. Mountain/Wall climbing/hiking is also a good form of exercise to lose weight easily and fast.
10. Yoga training and diet of course should also be part of our top 10 fast but easy weight loss exercise.

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Cardio For Fat Burning – Less Calories, More Exercise

Using cardio exercise for fat burning could prove to be a very tricky thing to do. The general thought among a good number of people is that doing it is the quickest way to lose weight. There is a condition, however, that you have to do it right if you want to succeed.


The most common form of this regimen is called the “steady state” training which involves going at an identical speed for long periods of time. This type of workout is the most typical thing that you will see at most health clubs. There are many people who use the steady state cardio training method but rarely lose pounds in the process. This is the reason why it is not the best fitness regimen that you can use.

It is common knowledge that revving up your metabolism is the way to burn calories. The higher your metabolism rate, the faster you will be burning fat. To increase your metabolism, you have to be involved in physical activities and add muscle mass. The body is known to become accustomed to the steady state of training.

Here’s a great solution that you may want to try in your fight against fat. One of the best alternative ways to do cardiovascular workout is called the interval training. Interval training is different from steady state workout because it plays an enormous role in burning calories. It will also help increase your metabolism. It involves a lot of alternating back and forth in between low and high intensities. You can use a stationery or recumbent bike if you are just a beginner.

Here’s how to do it:
oWarm up for fifteen minutes.
oAmplify the pace slightly as well as the resistance for the next 2 minutes.
oGo very fast for the next 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do it as hard as you can.
oRepeat for 2 minutes, with a 1-minute fast interval 3-6 times.
oCool down for 5 minutes.

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Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods – Stay Youthful With the Right Food

You are what you eat. Consuming foods that are injurious to the body leads to diseases, low energy levels, melancholy, and even terminal illness. Aging is the process that takes place when the body cells plummet and shrivels off due to external elements. If the body cells stay well oxygenated, aging can be delayed.

Anti-Aging Foods

Here are the top ten anti-aging foods that help recover energy and vivacity.

o Avocado – Avocados are abundant sources of vitamin E which is indispensable for lustrous skin and shiny hair. It also helps keep those wrinkles off your face.

o Berries – All berries are very rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in appropriate blood distribution and supplies minerals and salts to all the body parts. 

o Green vegetables – Aside from maintaining body weight at low level, green vegetables also help battle toxins. 
o Garlic – The benefits of garlic are abundant, especially when it is consumed in its raw form. It helps thwart cell deterioration, helps keep the blood lean, and also avoids heart diseases. 
o Ginger – It facilitates digestion and keeps bowel movement in shape, thereby enabling good gut health. 
o Nuts – Eating nuts regularly will fight that sluggish feeling. It packs the body with colossal energy. 
o Yogurt – Yogurt is loaded with significant nutrients like potassium, calcium, protein, and B vitamins. Also, the live bacteria in it help in the absorption of nutrients in the intestines. 
o Whole wheat pasta and brown rice – Replace white pasta and rice with whole wheat pasta and brown rice and you will immediately feel a change in your energy level. 
o Melons – Melons offer the body with essential liquids that perform an assortment of tasks. 
o Water – Water washes out all the toxins from the body. It also provides smoothness for the stream of blood.

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Get Rid of Cellulite – Treatment Basics

One popular dictionary defines cellulite as “a fatty deposit causing uneven appearance as around the thighs and buttocks”. Cellulite, to most people, makes the area appear less attractive. Cellulite reduction has become a lucrative business as everyone shell out some of their savings to have cellulite removed. Hollywood celebrities, whose part of job is to remain physically flawless, do not mind paying a fortune just to get rid of their visible fatty storage.


Reducing these unwanted fats is not supposedly hard to achieve especially when the basics are known to us. For one thing, this reduction is not easily obtained. Just like any goal, it is a process. No treatment is known today that eliminates this fatty deposit overnight.

Some anti-cellulite creams may work; others may not. If indeed some products work, they do so within a time frame. This holds especially true if the ingredients are natural. If there is the presence of harmful chemicals, the results will not be without side effects.

Another treatment is by injections. Although there are people who vouch for their effectiveness, frequently, injections may reap side effects as chemical compounds are injected deep into the areas where the fat storages are present. The chemical compounds should dissolve the fats. Again, the effectiveness depends on the ingredients. Sometimes, side effects override the effective results. There is always the concern of health risks associated with it.

Drinking more water and vegetable juice instead of caffeinated and carbonated beverages can be of great help in reducing cellulite. Water washes away the toxins that are a major contribution to fat accumulation which leads to cellulite formation.

Eating fish can also be helpful as fish contains oils and good fats that are essential to the body. Eating junk foods should be reduced if it is impossible to eradicate totally from the lifestyle. Finally, exercising is always the best.

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