Home Depot Releases Over 200 New Decor Pieces to Help Round Out Your Interiors

Home decor options range from high-end custom made exclusives to quirky flea market finds, so it’s sometimes difficult to find a line of products that seems to fit a bit of everyone’s style — but Home Depot’s new home decor accents just might do the trick.

The recently launched product line includes over 200 storage and display options for virtually every surface in your home. Under the brand names Stylewell and the Home Decorators Collection, these artful decor pieces will match nearly any aesthetic they’re put in, including farmhouse, classic, bungalow, modern, art deco, and transitional design.


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10 DIY Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market this spring or sell further down the road, there are many home improvements you can do on your own to add value to your home. A well-informed homeowner will keep track of all remodels and updates over the years, and will also be aware of the projects that can provide the best return on investment.

Even if your plans to put your home on the market are derailed by the coronavirus pandemic, the added time you’re spending at home means you can take on some updates as do-it-yourself projects.


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How to Help During Coronavirus

Coronavirus is expected to overwhelm our hospitals soon here in the U.S., and the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment, aka things like masks, gloves, face shields, and gowns that medical professionals use) means we are putting those we trust to care for us when sick at risk with every new case. Not only can you help with the PPE shortage while at home, you can also support our medical professionals in other ways, like picking up their groceries while you’re also getting your own, offering to do errands, even just picking up the phone to bug your reps.


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