December 1, 2022

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8 Items to Keep On-Hand Before a Snowstorm

When a snowstorm hits, it can be a scary time to be caught unprepared. While you may keep a trusty black umbrella in the car and a shovel in the garage, it’s essential to make sure you have all of your bases covered. Having the right tools on hand can help make it through a winter storm more bearable. Here are a few things you should keep on hand when a blizzard is on its way.

1. Cold Weather Gear

If there’s one thing you know about a snowstorm, it’s that it will get cold. Make sure you have warm clothes handy for snow removal or if you lose heat in the house. Keep durable, waterproof gloves and boots nearby, and a strong, windproof black umbrella is great for keeping the blizzard out of your eyes when surveying the damage. Snowsuits are great for kids looking to enjoy the snow while you labor at clearing the driveway.

2. First-Aid Kit

When the power is out and snow covers the streets, it really is no time for an injury. Make sure you have a first-aid kit within reach to take care of any minor injuries. A basic medical pack comes with most of the essentials, but it’s always a good idea to have some extra pain medicine as well. You may be stuck in your house with no way to get to a hospital so you’ll need to keep abreast of any accidents that occur.

3. Emergency Kit for the Car

Not being able to leave the house is one thing, but being stuck in your car is even more stressful. You should keep an emergency kit in your vehicle just for a crisis situation, which should include:

  • Ice Scraper
  • Black Umbrella
  • Portable Shovel
  • Blankets
  • Battery Booster and Cables
  • Cellular Phone Charger
  • Flashlight and Batteries

Some car kits will come with additional useful items including flares and a fire extinguisher as well, for those occasions where a little more caution is necessary.

4. Snow Removal Equipment

Not everyone needs to clean off a driveway, but most people have some area they’re responsible for shoveling after a big snowstorm. If you only have a small deck, a small shovel may be all you need, while those with walkways may need a larger push shovel. A snowblower will make short work of longer driveways and sidewalks. Don’t forget the salt and sand to keep people from slipping after you’ve finished!

5. Filling the Cupboard

Without clean water and a source of food, things are going to get miserable very quickly. Pack your larder with some non-perishable cans and other essentials to tide you over until grocery visits become commonplace again. It’s a good idea to have extra formula on hand for the baby, and kibbles or canned options for your pets. If you can, taking a black umbrella and walking to a convenience store may offer some last-minute rations during the crisis.

6. Battery-Powered Radio

People have become so used to having a computer in their pocket that the radio is often the last thing on their minds. During a winter emergency, it may be the only way you can get information about the rest of the world! Having a battery-powered radio on hand will let you tune in to the National Weather Advisory, emergency stations, and news programs to hear about local and state snow removal and when stores will be open again.

7. Power Supply

When the power goes out, there’s nothing like having a backup supply. Even a small gas-powered generator can produce enough electricity to keep some lights and crucial appliances running. It may even allow you to use your furnace to keep the house at a decent temperature. While you may need to grab a black umbrella to go outside and refill the tank, coming back to a warm house makes the trip worth it!

8. Medications

Being stuck inside during a blizzard cleanup may sound like a good idea, but if you don’t have a way to get your prescriptions, it can quickly turn into a bad situation. Before a storm hits, make sure you have at least a week’s worth of everyone’s medication on hand. If some medicine needs to be kept cold, bring ice in from outside to keep the fridge temperature down if there’s no power for your appliances.

Snowstorm Safety

It can be difficult to manage a snowstorm, especially if the power goes out for days at a time. Making the right preparations will help make sure everyone is warm, safe, and healthy until things start going back to normal. Make sure you have essential items on hand and you’ll be ready the next time Mother Nature decides to turn your neighborhood into a Winter Wonderland!