Grey walls and blue kitchens could put buyers off your home

With the UK currently on coronavirus lockdown, many are looking to fill the time by taking on the home improvement jobs they’ve been putting off all year.

But before you decide to paint your kitchen cupboards on-trend blue or re-tile your bathroom with bold, patterned tiles, you might want to take a look at a new report which reveals some of the most popular interior design trends can be a major turn off for potential buyers.

For while grey walls, black taps and metro tiles might be Insta-popular they make up some of the features most likely to put off prospective buyers when it comes to selling your home.

But a new report of potential house buyers shows these popular trends can be serious turn-offs when it comes to purchasing a new home. 

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For their annual Home Improvement Trends report, trade website Rated People polled 1,000 Brits to find out which features were considered off-putting for buyers.

And while rooms painted in dark blue or grey walls may get the influencer stamp of approval, they were named as the biggest buyer turn-offs, with half of homeowners saying this would make them less likely to purchase a property. 

Properties that only have a shower, not a bath, those with dark, blue kitchen cupboard doors, and bathrooms with white metro tiles and contrasting black features also featured highly on the no-go list, despite regularly appearing in social media feeds.

They may be Insta-popular but blue kitchen cupboards aren’t a hit with everyone (Getty Images)

Painted floorboards, original sash windows, copper kitchen taps and patterned floor tiles were other divisive looks.

The research is taken from a wider study into renovation and interior design trends and other surprising buyer turnoffs include dark grey window frames and tiles floors in living spaces.

And despite open plan spaces seemingly being the holy-grail for many, an open-plan layout is actually a turn-off for some buyers.

The findings suggest anything that’s too bold or tailored to individual style could make it more difficult
for wannabe buyers to see past the decor to picture themselves living in a property.

Commenting on the findings Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People, told The Mail: “We know from the many completed projects in our community that dark and bold colours can look great, whether they’re used on walls, ceilings, kitchen cupboards or window frames. 

“But when it comes to selling, it’s a good idea to stay up to date with the features that buyers are looking for because the trends that were adding value just two to three years ago might now be devaluing properties.”

Despite being voted as one of the top turn-offs for prospective buyers, grey walls are still proving popular with DIY-ers looking to give their room colour an overhaul.

Earlier this year grey was revealed as the most popular interior colour, being the go-to hue people are choosing to paint their home.

Research by retailer Topps Tiles discovered that grey is favoured by almost one in five people for interior decorating – more than any other shade.

The poll, of 2,000 people, found 18% thought grey the best colour for living rooms and hallways, followed by white (17%), beige (16%), cream (15%) and blue (9%).

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Monochrome bathrooms and patterned tiles were a turn-off for home-buyers (Getty Images)

The Top 15 features most likely to put buyers off are:

  1. Rooms painted dark blue – 52%

  2. Rooms painted dark grey – 49%

  3. No bath (only a shower) – 43%

  4. Dark blue kitchen cupboard doors – 41%

  5. Black taps/ shower fittings – 35%

  6. Painted floorboards – 35%

  7. Dark grey window frames – 32%

  8. Dark grey kitchen cupboard doors – 31%

  9. Original sash windows – 31%

  10. Wooden double glazing – 31%

  11. Patterned floor tiles – 29%

  12. Tiled floor in living spaces – 29%

  13. Copper taps on kitchen sink – 28%

  14. White metro tiles in bathroom with dark grouting – 28%

  15. Open plan layout – 27%