Selecting a Solar Pool Heater

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There is nothing more satisfying than getting a dip in a warm pool in your home. Warming pools can be expensive if you use electricity, however, solar pool heaters are offered by solar providers to make your pool experience more affordable and keep it warm throughout the year. Visit this solar pool heaters article for more information and here are some Q&As on solar pool heaters to help you decide to get one.

What are Solar Pool Heaters?

These are solar pool heaters that work just like regular solar panels. The solar collectors collect energy from the sun and convert it to usable energy that can heat the water in your pool. Solar collectors are also placed on the roof then connected to the swimming pools by several valves, controllers also come with the solar pool heaters.

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

The system for solar pool heaters is simple: it is composed of solar collectors, filters, pumps, and valves.

  • Solar collectors are installed near your pools to be able to collect solar energy. 
  • Water from your pool is directed to the solar collectors through individual tubes, as the water rises the water is heated by the sun’s energy.
  • The water that is heated then returns to the pool. This cycle continues until you get the desired temperature in your pool.
  • Filters are also attached to make sure that the water directed in your pool is clean. 

What are the Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters?

More Affordable Way to Warm Pools 

Warming your pool using electricity can be expensive since you have to use high energy usage to warm your pool. By using a solar pool heater you don’t have to spend too much since solar energy is renewable and the cost will not likely go up due to the abundance of its source. 

Environment Friendly 

Many people would want to help in taking care of the environment but using electricity alone is increasing the greenhouse gas emission. Once you shift to solar energy usage then you can contribute to making the green gas emission lesser. Plus solar energy sources will never run out which means you are not contributing to abusing nature, unlike fossil fuels solar energy doesn’t need to be mined.

Maintenance and Installation is Convenient

Since the system for solar pool heaters is not complicated, cleaning and maintaining them is easy. All you have to monitor is its filter to make sure it is clean. Unlike electric pool heaters that require a lot of work to keep your pool warm.


Investing in solar pool heaters can be worth it since they can last for 10 to 25 years. Imagine how many bucks you have saved while using them to warn your pool. You can enjoy your desired pool for a long time without spending too much to make it happen.

How Much Solar Heater for a Pool You Need? 

Before getting a solar pool heater installed in your place better consider some factors so you know what to ask from your solar provider.

Size and Depth of Pool 

The size and depth of your pool can determine how many solar collectors are needed to make your pool warm enough. This can also help you set your budget on how much you have to spend on your solar pool heater. 

Location of Solar Collectors

Most solar panels are installed on the roof. Checking on your roof condition should be done by your solar providers before they install. They can tell if your roof is durable enough to carry your solar panels. 

Frequency of Pool Usage 

Think about how often you are going to use your pool. If you use it often then getting a solar pool heater can be ideal. Solar pool heaters are useful however if they will not be used often then it might not be a good investment. 

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Considering several factors before selecting a solar pool heater is important so you can be able to get the best solar pool heater for your home and be able to know if it is worth investing in. A solar pool heater can be the solution you are looking for in making your pool more useful for you all year round.