Spring is all about hitting the reset button. It’s the season of blooming flora, cleaning and decluttering, new beginnings, and definitely some home-improvement projects to get your space ready for summer (or simply to treat yourself to a beautiful upgrade). After more than a year of very limited social gatherings, the promise of summer—impeccably timed with the steadily increasing number of vaccinations—has people excited to host warm-weather gatherings. And while traveling is still an iffy venture for many, it’s an ideal time to turn home into a summer sanctuary. Because if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that creating a home where you truly love to spend time is more than worth the effort.

Online professional marketplace Thumbtack has the data to quantify just how excited people are to take on these at-home projects—and which specific upgrades are top of mind right now. Ahead of summer 2021, Thumbtack combed its database of millions of home projects across 500 categories to reveal the additions and renovations in highest demand right now. Whether they’re looking to up their home’s curb appeal, market value, or simply enjoy what they’ve got even more, here are the home makeover projects trending this spring.

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“We’re seeing a massive increase in outdoor home projects compared to last year, so make sure to start planning ahead now, so you can focus on enjoying your space stress-free this summer,” shares David Steckel in a Thumbtack blog post with full insights.

Coming in at No. 1 is outdoor landscaping and design. Lawn maintenance, flower beds, hedges and greenery—landscaping is the first thing anyone notices (including you) when they arrive. It’s also key to get the backyard in top form (the earlier the better!) before spending all summer outdoors. Next in line is fencing and gate installations, followed by exterior painting, and deck/porch remodeling. An inviting deck, porch, or patio is a staple for outdoor entertaining, and it’s safe to assume last year’s homebound days had people itching to either spruce up or expand their decks, or finally get the ball rolling on building one. And if you’re looking to sell in the near future, buyers see a deck as a valuable feature that offers a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

Here’s the full list of overall top-trending projects (plus the national average cost for each service), according to Thumbtack:

  1. Outdoor Landscaping & Design ($1,034–5,720)

  2. Fence & Gate Installation ($478–1,684)

  3. Exterior Painting ($45/hr)

  4. Deck/Porch Remodel ($2,925)

  5. Play Equipment Construction ($300–400)

  6. Artificial Turf Installation ($3,458)

  7. Swimming Pool Repair ($90–130)

  8. Sprinkler/Irrigation System Installation ($225)

  9. Patio Remodel/Addition ($2,500)

  10. Gazebo Installation/Construction ($550)

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Thumbtack has also seen massive upticks in certain home project demands compared to this time last year. The below improvements are up significantly against spring 2020 numbers:

  1. Artificial Turf Installations (up 275 percent),

  2. Play Equipment Construction (up 255 percent)

  3. Gazebo Installations (up 230 percent)

  4. Exterior Painting (up 179 percent)

  5. Deck Staining and Sealing (up 167 percent)

  6. Deck or Porch Remodels (up 166 percent)

As for indoor rejuvenation, interior painting is at the top of the list, followed by TV mounting, floor replacements or installations, tile installations, and new lighting. There’s n
o better way to breathe new life into a room than with a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Interior Painting ($600–1,000)

  2. TV Mounting ($110–137)

  3. Floor Installation/Replacement ($1,581 for laminate, $500 for carpet, $2,200 for vinyl)

  4. Tile Installation ($600–901)

  5. Lighting Installation ($165)

  6. Bathroom Remodel ($5,000)

  7. Door Installation ($250–350)

  8. Home Remodeling Services ($2,500 for smaller projects, $20,000–30,500 for larger projects)

  9. Fan Installation ($137–175)

  10. Wallpaper Installation ($300)

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Thinking of tackling a home project of your own? A word of industry wisdom: Expect to experience some delays in material delivery as well as higher prices this year. “The pandemic has created a lumber shortage that will continue to affect prices well into the rest of 2021, so be smart and strategic when working with a pro,” according to Thumbtack. “Especially [true] if you’re planning on putting in a new deck, patio, or pool, as these materials will be in high demand.”

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