Thin Frame Replacement Casement Window

Perhaps it’s the first time you are hearing about thin frame replacement casement window! Well! I will guide you here. First of all, you have to remember that a casement window is a window, which is hinged, opened, and closed, exactly like your book. You can do it only by swinging it either out or in. It includes a crank or handle, which operates the closing and opening mechanism. Also, it includes hinges and a frame. You can find many various styles on the net and on most outlets.

Despite the fact that casement window is not so popular as you can imagine, its replacement is still being manufactured widely. The newer ones have certain crank-style handle, while others I have been accustomed to have certain handles of lever style to act as a locking mechanism. Similar to other various styles of windows, you can install this one as a single unit, or according to your desire you can group two of them together.

Actually, this category of windows are ideal ones for placing on harder places to reaching, countertops, or cabinets, since the handle mechanisms is so easy to be operated.

You can consider the fact that there are new replacement styles of this category of windows, but be careful because this casement window can be swung out or in, so you must avoid this “swinging in” style in many spaces, which are small.

This is because of the fact that there is an obstruction of any open window. However, there are endless styles of thin frame replacement casement windows, which you can select from them the most attractive one for your house. Remember that those categories are of energy efficient and are affordable as well.

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