Tim Allen Turned Down These Major Disney Roles For Home Improvement

As recalled by Cheat Sheet, Tim Allen’s stock was on the rise as the 1980s wrapped up, and everyone in Hollywood wanted to include him in their latest efforts. One such suitor was the Walt Disney Company, whose then-CEO Michael Eisner had taken a liking to Allen’s comedy work and was eager to strike up a deal with him. Open to proposals, Allen heard Disney out before swiftly passing on the projects they offered him. What were these productions, you ask? Supposed television renditions of “Turner & Hooch” and “Dead Poets Society.”

“I thought they got the wrong guy,” Allen told the Los Angeles Times on the subject, revealing that Disney hoped he’d play either Detective Scott Turner in “Turner & Hooch” or John Keating in “Dead Poets Society.” He adds, “They just said we could get you on the air now with that, and then maybe later,” noting that he thought they were “preparing for failure” all along. Thus, he turned down their offers in hopes of getting “Home Improvement” off the ground instead, which Allen states “didn’t sit well with anybody.”

When “Turner & Hooch” and “Dead Poets Society” hit the big screen, Tom Hanks took on Scott Turner, and the late, great Robin Williams played John Keating. Both of their performances were excellent and remain fondly remembered all these years later, just like Tim Allen’s portrayal of Tim Taylor on “Home Improvement.” All things considered, everything worked out just as it should’ve.