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Assaults of any kind are not fun. They can be demoralizing and humiliating and can leave a lasting impression on the victim that may not ever go away. Such incidents also make the victim feel unsafe and vulnerable. So, in case you are a victim of an assault, it is better to have a New Westminster assault lawyer by your side for better protection and defense. 

Assault means an act wherein one person or a group of people direct an attack on another person. This however can fall into five categories:

  1. Simple assault

Simple assault occurs when a person unlawfully attacks another person, causing immediate physical injury or emotional distress. However, to be a victim of a simple assault, you don’t essentially have to be injured. Even the fear of being injured can be considered a simple assault. For example, if a person threatens of doing any bodily harm to you, it can be considered simple assault.

  1. Aggravated assault

This type of assault occurs when a person uses a weapon to attack another person. This can include hitting, punching, kicking, stabbing, or shooting and in some cases, throwing corrosive fluids at the victim. An aggravated assault has greater penalties than a simple assault. This includes 3 years in prison or up to $3000 fine or both.

  1. Domestic violence 

Domestic violence is committed by a person against a spouse or family member. This type of violence can be either physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. The punishment for this varies on the amount of injury that was done and the frequency and duration of the abuse.

  1. Sexual Assault or Rape 

Sexual assault is a type of violent crime wherein the attacker has sexual intercourse with the victim by force. This type of assault may be committed by a stranger, someone you know, or a family member. The punishment for sexual assault may vary from 3 years in prison or $2000 and up to life imprisonment or a $5000 fine or both.

  1. Vehicular assault

Vehicular assault occurs when one person attacks another person with a vehicle. This may be in the form of a hit and run or intentional crashing into another vehicle. For example, if a driver was drunk driving and that led to an accident and the passenger suffered serious injuries, then the driver can be charged with both DUI and vehicular assault.

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