16 teen bedroom ideas – stylish looks that you will both love | Real Homes

By the time your kids hit high school, it’s about time to give them an upgrade in bedroom furniture. It is no secret that as your child grows, they will need to have a larger bed and may need to replace other furnishings and décor as they put away childish things and gain more mature tastes. Even their dresser, chest of drawers, nightstand with drawers, or other clothing storage will become too restrictive and need to be replaced.

It is a good idea to change out your preteen’s furniture, usually around age 12 or 13. If you choose your bedroom set wisely, it will be one that they can take with them when they leave home or one that will also be appropriate as a guest bedroom when they fly the coop.

Here are some of the top things to consider when designing your teen’s bedroom.

Go for the queen-size mattress.

A twin bed is only 38” x 75” and only suits persons of about five and a half feet. Some teens reach that height before they move out of middle school, so it makes sense to get a full-size bed, right? Actually, this could also be a big mistake. A full-size bed is wider, but it is no longer than a twin bed. A full-size bed might work for a teenage girl that is not likely to become tall, but if you have boys, the best bedroom set will be one that includes a queen-sized bed. 

Queen-sized mattresses aren’t just wider; they are also longer and can accommodate most people over 6 feet. By getting the queen bed set first, you’ll save yourself from buying another bed later. In addition, a queen bed is generally preferred for guest bedrooms so that you can accommodate sleepers of all sizes. If your teen will be headed off to college where they don’t need the bedroom set, you can use it as a guest room. 

Consider a platform bed with storage

A platform bed can decrease the cost of your bedroom redesign by eliminating the need for a box spring. Better yet, most platform beds can come with drawer storage under the bed, eliminating the need for a dresser. Instead, you can get them a matching media chest to house all of their entertainment. 

Media chests also have an additional drawer and cabinet storage. With most television programs, movies, and even games being digitally streamed or accessed, the extra storage gives your teen a way to put away their most valued possessions without taking away from their clothing storage space.

Give them the freedom to express themselves

Rather than make your teen’s new bedroom a surprise, have them help plan the interior design, including furniture and décor. Give them a reasonable budget and allow them to choose wall art, posters, vinyl decals, bedding, pillows, throws, and other accessories. Make sure that their choices are reasonable and practical, but otherwise, let them go wild at their favorite store like Hot Topic.