My dear Friends, you are well aware that Indian cricketers have created yet another history when they defeated Kangaroos in their own homeland and ground of their own choice on 04 March 2008. We extend our heartiest felicitation and bestow numerous congratulations to Mahender Singh Dhoni and his team. The face of bat which Indian cricketers have opened after Sydney match has finally culminated in their victory in Common Wealth Bank Cricket tri-series in Australia.

Dear friends’ Australian team, despite having world’s best batsmen and bowlers, as observed struggling to get a run to inch their team towards victory. Has Hogg waited a little more with ball to follow probably, it would have been the ever best Cricket match of the World even bigger than Ashes. The interest in tri series was generated through proxy mouth batting when daily Australian media came out with a new allegation or charge against ace Indian spinner Bhaaji, Harbhajan Singh. These charges though were very distractive during initial days, but it gave a motive to Bhaajji whose aim became superb spell of bowling during both the finals at Sydney and Brisbane.

A victory after nearly 22 years on Australian land by Indian cricketers has broken the proud and arrogant attitude of Australian Cricket team specially Rickey who had exhibited regularly his arrogant behavior with other countries players. The most unpopular welcome of Murli of Sri Lanka with flying eggs all over has shown dying spirit of cricket amongst Australian cricket lovers. It was more off hatred farewell sendoff rather than sweet home welcome.

There were moments when over 80 millions Indian watching the match has their last breadths arrested when Hogg pulled off a ball over fence and reduced the gap between balls and runs from 40 to 26. A thrilling moment arrested every cricket lover breadth. Infact most of the fans inhaled a long breadth but exhaled a calm posture after Srisant got a wicket.

Contribution of great Sachin has once again proved proverb true that Old is Gold. His century at Sydney and 91 today has shown all his lovers that he had still lot of cricket left in him. He would continue to be role model of youngsters in future for a long time.

Beloved Bhaajji, who had been detested by Mathew and Hayden, had proved beyond doubt that he is the best terminator of Indian cricket team. Truly speaking Bhaajji had terminated the match not only at Sydney but also at Brisbane as well by sending his arc lovers Mathew and Hayden back to pavilion. No hatred, no rumors only action and that is what Indian do and done, dona, done – done. His calm and consistence over before claiming the scalps of middle order duo bedrock has turned the table in Dhoni’s tigers favor.

My compliments to all the cricket lovers of world who has supported this series and made Indian prove that TW-20 claim was not a fluke stroke of luck but a well won victory after sustained fights.

Why I called it a wise defeat because the real defeat was already accepted by Australian skipper a day prior of commencing final matches. He has by and large exhibited through his behavior and conduct that fear of losing series is looming large. This fear never brought smile of Rickey’s face ever in either of the finals match. His forced compliments to Dhoni’s tigers were something like pulling out words from his mouth.

Rickey’s conduct and manner of extending complements to Dhoni for winning Tri-series, was not like a good sportsman. He infact had to learn to be a good social human as well. The war of words which they play before every match series needs to put a break in future. More over the umpires dwindling decisions in very clear outs also doubt their hidden nepotism towards Kangaroos.

I hope Kangaroos learn from such errors and try to play cricket as gentlemen game and not like a battle field. They must

Be good human beings

Be good Sportsmen

Be good teammate and leaders

Learn not to influence umpire like Sydney where world record have been created by umpires giving thirteen wrong decisions against only Indian team and none against Australians.

Cricket is a game of gentlemen and not what Australians tried to make. Win every game you play is every skipper’s dream but accepting defeat with grace is only a few true skippers can do.

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