Wine is only good as long as it has the perfect serving temperature. Normal refrigerators often fail to keep wines at the perfect temperature. This is why many winecoolershops are in business nowadays. One of the most delicious food combos, duck and wine are difficult to match because, while duck is technically a poultry product, the hard texture and gamey flavour distinguish it from dark meat.

Duck can be prepared in a variety of ways, each accentuating its distinct features. Certain duck recipes go well with a variety of wines, including aromatic whites, light-bodied reds, and rich dessert wines. There are many successful duck with wine combinations that are liked by people all over the globe.

Here, we have prepared a list of duck meals that go perfectly with different types of wine.

Let’s have a look at those!

Peking Duck

Peking duck is mildly spicy, sweet, and extremely crispy. It’s one of the most common duck preparations. Peking duck goes well with Syrah/Shiraz, Zinfandel, Malbec, and other fruity red wines. You can also try a Chenin Blanc from South Africa or perhaps a white port with Peking duck.

Fesenjan Duck 

It is one of the most famous duck dishes. Usually, pomegranate sauce is offered with this historic Persian duck dish. These vibrant red fruit flavours go well with a Rhone wine made from Grenache. A red Zinfandel from California would also bring out a lot of the sweetness in the fruit sauce. 

Duck Pancakes

Crispy duck, julienned veggies, and Hoisin sauce are stuffed inside duck pancakes. A wine that can manage the sweetness and saltiness of the Hoisin sauce is the greatest match for duck pancakes. Usually, most people prefer Syrah with duck pancakes, although Cabernet Franc could also be an interesting combo.

Duck Red Curry

Gewurztraminer is the ideal wine to combine with duck red curry. It wouldn’t be wrong to advise that you should on Gewurz the moment you see lychee in a dish, as these two go perfectly well together. If you want your curry spicier, the wine also has a hint of sweetness to it. If you want your wine to have a little more acidity, choose a dry Furmint from Hungary.

Duck a l’Orange

A dry Riesling or a Greek Malagousia are excellent pairings for duck a l’Orange, duck made with fresh oranges and orange liqueur, as the name says. White wine is mostly preferred, but if you want to have a red, Gamay or Zinfandel are two of the finest choices. 

Smoked Duck

The richer red wines go best with the smoked duck. Syrah pairs well with dishes that have a smoky flavour. Malbec might also be a good match for the smoked duck.


Duck flesh is far more versatile than one might think. It’s surprisingly simple to make, and it’s not just for special events. Although some people often seem sceptical about pairing duck with wine, it is the reality that this food combination is one of the best. Finally, one usual recommendation is to drink the wine that you enjoy the most and adapt the duck recipe accordingly.