While more people are staying home due to the pandemic, they are also remodeling their homes. Some of these projects took place at a time when lumber prices soared.

It makes sense to want to give your living spacer an upgrade especially if you are spending more time at home during a pandemic and you have some stimulus money to spend.

But at what cost? The price of lumber has sky rocketed and here is why.

Some people want to make their home the ultimate living space, but with a cost. The price of lumber has soared.

One fourth generation supplier said that this is the highest prices his company has ever seen.

“Like poplar right now it is 40% higher than it was a year ago which is ridiculous honestly for the consumer and us,” said Brian Mitchell, Owner of Mitchell Hardwoods.

Now even though there is an increase in price for lumber, there is also an increase in demand.

“Normally we have around 350 normal contractors per month and right now we have around 700,” said Mitchell.

One construction company said requests have quadrupled since last year.

“They want to put an addition on. They want a sun room. We do a lot of sunrooms. It is just bonus space or finishing off that basement and a lot of that requires lumber,” said Doug Bierer, DBC Remodeling & Construction.

The reason people want to remodel their home has a lot to do with the pandemic.

“New stair cases, people redoing stairs, paneling everything indoors. They are tired of being cooped up so they are doing home projects,” said Mitchell.

What is interesting is that regardless of the high price of lumber, Bierer said people have a smile on their face and are excited for their projects no matter what they cost.