Interesting things you haven’t heard about parquet

Out of all the types of wood flooring options available today, parquet gaining more and more popularity. If you’ve been considering getting parquet for your household for a while now, you might be interested to know some important facts about the parquet. First of all, parquet is made from various species of wood including walnut, oak, pine, maple, and many more. Also, parquet  can be made from either solid or engineered wood. Solid wood parquet is made of natural wood and is more prone to contract and expand with temperature and humidity fluctuations. However, solid wood parquet considers to be more durable and more luxuriuous flooring than engineered parquet. Engineered parquet is a combination of core and hardwood. This core comprises up to 12 layers of plywood also called as veneers. Engineered parquet is less prone to temperature and moisture fluctuations. In addition, it is suitable for  installion over underfloor heating. Also, there are easier installation methods for engineered parquet compared to solid wood parquet. Secondly, parquet has numerous designs so there are any restrictions if you want a parquet flooring in a specific colour or style. Also, the herringbone and chevron pattern are the most popular choices of parquet flooring. Finally, parquet flooring either comes finished or unfinished. Finished floors are generally more durable, quicker to install, while unfinished floors allows for a level of customisation. All in all, if you’re thinking about upgrading your home, engineered oak flooring is a timeless and  stylish flooring option, complementing both classic and contemporary interiors.  Good luck with finding the best product.