Security is a big concern in today’s world scenario. People across the world try to use best measures available to safeguard themselves against all possible dangers. They try to protect themselves from intruders, accidents, thieves, fire, and all other dangers. They adopt various measures such as CCTV, alarm systems, access control systems and security systems at their homes and offices.

People with large organization try to give the best security to their staff and therefore they often install the access security system in their premises. The access control system allows only the selected few people with permission to enter the premises. The staff members are issues access cards so that they can punch this card number at the entrance to be able to enter the office. This security measures keeps a count of the number of times a person is going in along with checking the permission of the person. Another benefit of using this system is that any person who does not possess an access card is automatically prevented from entering the premises as the doors will not open. The access control system is the second layer of security.

In places such as shopping malls, banks, and showrooms, and shops people use CCTV systems to take care of their security. The CCTV installation is done in the entire premise to capture the image of each person entering and leaving the premise. If the CCTV installation is done at only of the outlets, the CCTV monitoring is done from the same location. But if CCTV installation is done at various outlets of same office, there may be a central control system installed at the central place. The CCTV monitoring is done from a central location in such cases.

People also use the CCTV systems for home security. They install CCTV cameras in their houses so that they can keep a check on the people entering their houses.

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