Most homeowners will ask themselves these questions: do old windows cost me more in heating costs? Can I really save money by replacing my old windows? You may not see the savings right away, but over time you will see the difference in your heating and cooling costs.

Facts About Old Home Windows

Old, drafty home windows are one of the biggest energy enemies in your home. Single-pane glass has an R-value of only 1, and quite often there is no insulation between the window jamb and the rough framing of the window. Old, ineffective caulking around windows allow for large drafts to enter your living space. Those old windows cost homeowners a bundle in heating and cooling costs.

Understanding Energy Efficient Windows

Today’s windows are not the same as the windows from the past. Some windows are now created with new technology to make them much more energy efficient. From edge spacers made from insulated steel to replace old aluminum construction; to tinted glass that is almost unnoticeable; glazing; or the practice of using multiple panes of glass to create a thermal barrier– these new energy efficient windows are great in comparison to older windows.

The Design

Besides glazing and thermal barriers, filling the space between glass panes with gas such as Argon can make a difference as well. Multiple paned windows can be filled with a less conductive gas than regular air. Argon is the most popular gas used to increase the performance of the windows. There is also the option of low e-coating, a clear coating applied to the glass that lets in light, but keeps radiant heat in. Low e-coatings come in different grades, and it is very important to get the best energy efficient window for your climate. A coating that works in colder climates may be too much if you live in an area with a milder climate.

Energy Efficient Windows Can Save You Money

Energy efficient windows have become one way to help save homeowners money. These windows can mean more money in your wallet over time, as they keep the cold air outside during those long winter months, while keeping the cool air inside during the hottest months of summer.

Energy Efficient Windows Help Our Environment

New energy efficient windows are doing some good for the environment at the same time as adding value to your home and helping you maintain your heating and cooling costs. Less energy is required to heat and cool your home, as these windows help keep the cold air out during the winter, you will not have to crank the heat to compensate for loss of warm air through the glass surfaces or drafty cracks along the window, and during the summer months, your air conditioner will not have to compensate to keep the air cool in your living space as the cool air escapes through those same cracks and surfaces.

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