Real Estate Property Management – Don’t Let Your Rentals Become Charity Shelters

I just read a blog by Donna in NM, who has had the most dreadful experience with a Section 8 tenant. She wrote that she did not have Section 8 housing experience and her tenant had 10 years of experience scamming the system. No rent has been collected and now she has a squatter and is unsure how to correct the situation. Several good remedies were written in response to her questions and I don’t want to repeat her options here. I can not imagine that this is an isolated case. Probably not your specific circumstances, but even so, many real estate investors, who are holding rental property are making costly mistakes.

Depressed real estate prices and the profusion of very good deals on distressed properties are drawing many new investors into real estate. The smart ones look for coaching or mentoring from others more experienced. The majority most likely feel they can figure most things out for themselves, and then there are areas that they are inexperienced in and can have a harmful effect on their net monthly income. Getting good counseling can save money and headaches.

With our method and transitional housing, our landlords and I have never had these troubles. If the rent is overdue by more than 3 days, I just make a phone call or two, change the locks and wait for the tenant’s family member or friend to set up a time to pick up any personal belongings. I do not return their damage deposit. Within a few hours or a few days, I have the room occupied by another tenant from my waiting list.

It’s just that simple. It doesn’t involve an expensive eviction process and a minimum to no loss of rent. Squatters are absolutely unheard of, there are no legal fees, no court fees, and no fee made to local law enforcement.

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