Showcasing the features and benefits of interior designing


Interior design is all about experiencing spaces. It’s a powerful and vital part of our everyday life. It influences our way of living, working, and healing too. Interior designs work for comfortable homes, effective workplaces, and beautiful public spaces. It is much more than just interior decoration. Overall it includes organization and coordination of all the aspects of the interior of a space.

Several institutions offer various courses for interior designing. But what if you can see the designs before you apply them in that specific space. That will be great, right? So, we are here to inform you about interior design software. This software will help you get a 3D view of your design and the elements in that space.


Interior designing software is the platform where you can get a 3D view of your design. It makes it to present your idea before the client as a proper 3D model. You can get a variety of tools that will help you communicate better. 

There is even software that allows you to explore the whole space virtually. It will give you a 5D feel as if you are walking on a floor. There is user-friendly software too. This interior designing software helps you get a personalized designed space.

Showcasing the features and benefits of interior designing


  • It provides you an array of tools such as 3d images, photorealistic space planning models, painting colors, 3d floor, room layouts, and much more.
  • It allows you to communicate your ideas in a 3d visualization manner.
  • You can try different models before settling for one.
  • You can virtually explore the overall space rather than just a room.
  • It helps you get a personally designed space.
  • You can also get 3D furniture, materials, and decorations for a realistic look.
  • You get interior as well as exterior renderings.
  • It does not require any prior technical designing skills.
  • You can add real-life products to see if they would suit your space.
  • You can design multistoried buildings, each with a different design.



It is one of the best software because of its drag-and-drop design wizard. It has the best 3D renderings of the kitchen, staircase, and bathroom, etc. Its huge library includes brand-name appliances and furniture with various colors and textures. It even includes a cost-estimator for the materials used, 3D virtual tours, and day and night lighting options.

It costs $99.99 and is available for download on windows.


It is used by architects, interior designers, civil and mechanical engineers. It has an intuitive interface and 3 paid versions: shop, pro, and studio. It helps u create a 3D model with unique surfaces and textures. It allows you to import and export multiple graphic files and view 3D models on mobile. 

Its pro version costs $299 per year with a 30-days trial use.


It is extremely simple to use and so, it’s a good start for beginners. It’s completely free software with a library of brand-name furniture and fixtures. You can easily create a 2D floor design and view it in 3D with a single click. It allows you to share your designs on social media. You can also see other Homestlyer user’s designs for reference. 

It is completely free and you can also earn a point for unlocking advanced features.


In this, you can create 2D floor plans and then view them in 3D. You can enter the size of the rooms and draw using a drawing tool. You can add brand-name furniture, paints floor covering and windows, etc. 

You can get its unlimited version at $29.99 per month.


It is one of the lowest subscription plans with all the needed features. It has a drag-and-drop interface. It can import existing drawings as well as you can also start from basic drawing. It has a library of various colors, surfaces, and furniture. It also has a magic layout option that decorates the whole room with a single click. You can convert and view 2D design into 3D.

Its pro version is available at $29 per month and $.90 per credit.



It is used by interior designers to create 2D and 3D floor designs. It’s intuitive and easy-to-use software with a library of a variety of furniture, colors, and textures. It is a 100% cloud-based platform.


You can design your space and also explore it virtually. It’s realistic software with a drag-and-drop function. It has high-quality products, colors, surfaces, furniture, and appliances. You can save and share your created design. 


It’s software with a drag-and-drop function and allows you to choose the desired layout. You can add doors, windows, and furniture and can also edit colors and sizes. You can draw a 2D design and view it in 3D. The best part of this software is that you do not need prior technical knowledge to work on it.