Everybody seems to be using it now. It is all over scrapbooking pages, craft projects, and even home decor! So what is this rage all about? What’s so cool about chipboard?! If you use chipboard all the time, you know how fantastic it can be. But some of us are just beginning to see its amazing uses. I love chipboard because it is cheap, easy to use, versatile, and a fast way to add texture and pizzazz to your scrapbooking endeavor!

Before we get into the details, I wanted to explain a little on what chipboard is to those that have never used it. Chipboard is basically pressed fiber thick paper, usually made from recycled paper. It’s “naked” form is the brown cardboard color we have all seen. If you haven’t used chipboard before, you still probably have it in your house. It has been used for years as the backing to notepads or spiral notebooks and other stacks of paper.

If you don’t have chipboard around the house, many scrapbooking stores have sheets they give away for free (packs of paper usually have chipboard in them to keep paper from getting damaged when shipping and these are often discarded). Other stores have caught on to the rage and will charge 10-25 cents for a chipboard sheet. Either way, it is super cheap!

So now you have your chipboard – what do you do with it? Here are some great ways to use it to make your pages “pop”!

1. Make letters or numbers embellishments using chipboard. Use a stencil or die cut machine. I also like to print out my word or phrase using the size and font I want from my computer. I then place the printed paper over the chipboard and press hard along the outside of each letter with a pencil or pen, making an impression into the chipboard. Then you just cut it out. You can also buy some already cut letters that you just paint or stamp, tie on a ribbon, and voila – instant embellishment! And for the spoiled scrapbooker, you can get chipboard letters/numbers that are already decorated for you.

2. Create a one-of-a-kind chipboard embellishment. Make a chipboard flower and cover it with craft paint and a metal brad in the center for a perfect floral accent. My favorite is making chipboard tags to add to my papers or projects. I like to cover mine with scrapbooking paper and distress the edges. Once you punch a hole in the top and add a string or ribbon, this cute little addition to your page will definitely stand out! You can also make tags like this for gifts. I have also attached chipboard tags to baskets or boxes. They make the most amazing labels for storage.

3. Frames or photo mats really stand out when made out of chipboard. I like the difference in dimension that chipboard gives to a page layout. Chipboard will help your photos stand out more too. Add eyelets or brads and even rub-ons to make this a unique addition to your page.

4. If you make your journaling block out of chipboard, it will be sure to make those words more noticeable on your page. Add some lines to write on or better yet, start from the outside and write in a square or circle turning the block as you go. This will make for a more interesting journaling block.

5. To add some more zest to any chipboard shapes or letters:

-To alter painted or stamped shapes: lightly sand, paint with crackle medium or cover with mod podge.

-Tie or staple ribbon or fiber to your chipboard.

-Glue rickrack or ribbon around the edge of your shape.

-Mix and match chipboard letters of different styles for a trendy title.

-Make chipboard tiles by embossing designs on chipboard squares – check out this website for a cute idea!

Chipboard can be an amazing product for the beginner and the seasoned scrapbooker. I hope you take time to use this new trend in your scrapbooking.

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