You will find so many wonderful reasons to choose our parcel box range as it will have something for you & your needs, regardless if you have just purchased your parcel box or you are looking to get one. This range of parcel boxes has been designed by us, for you, with all the practicalities in mind, as well as numerous options for installation suitable for the modern day home & the modern day family where online shopping has become the norm, and parcel delivery is common in almost every type of family.

Whether you are looking for a freestanding pillar, fence mounted letterbox, brick in letterbox or wall mounted letterbox, we have the right designs of Australian parcel box, for you that will have your mail secured & you won’t need to make trips to the post office anymore.

Portable Parcel Boxes

We offer a range of free-standing Parcel Letterboxes that can make a great statement at the entrance. In addition to storing the most mail & parcels, the freestanding range is also designed to hold the most weight. You might need something to hold medium-sized boxes if you do a lot of online shopping. You can use this large parcel letterbox to safely store all of your packages until you reach home, which will help you to avoid frequent trips to the post office to retrieve large parcels.

As well as being able to hold larger amounts of mail, the freestanding parcel box range is equipped with key and combination locks for added security. An extra safety feature of the mail slot is that it cannot be removed once it has delivered mail and parcels.

A panel on the inside of your parcel box lifts as well when its lid is raised, providing a platform for mail and parcels to rest on. The lid locks in place, allowing the floor to drop and fall into the compartment below. Your mail is therefore safe and secure. Our parcel box is ideal if you are looking for something that isn’t quite as large as our shoebox keeps a sleek look, modern style, and multiple color options whilst still being able to fit up to a shoe box sized parcel!

The Parcel box includes anchor bolts and instructions for installation and is already assembled for easy installation. The instructions are very simple!

Parcels Boxes That Mount To A Fence

With our range of stylish fence mounted letterboxes, you can mount your parcel box into your fence while still holding small & medium-sized parcels. With mounting flanges to enable easy installation and front & rear access options to fit your personal needs, you will have no trouble finding the right parcel box for you & your family.

The front of your parcel box comes with combination locks so that it can both be left open for delivery and locked once inside so that it cannot be stolen. It is still possible to receive letters when your fence box is locked, as its top is still partially open.

You can choose from a range of colors to match your fence or front of house area with our Siena Letterbox and the Lisbon Letterbox.

Letterboxes For Bricks In Parcels

The Siena A4 Parcel Box has been designed with an adjustable sleeve making installation easy. We also offer a brick-in version of our popular Siena A4 Parcel Box, which is designed for installation in brick. Depending on the brickwork around your letterbox, you can choose the depth by expanding the sleeve between 290mm and 500mm. Your parcel box will remain intact for years to come as the sleeve is made of galvanized steel.

As with the fence-mounted letterboxes, you have the option to open the letterbox from the front or the back. Additionally, there is an optional key lock at the back, which allows you to retrieve mail easily, as well as protect it from theft. There is a brick-in parcel box to suit everyone’s home, which comes in a variety of colors.

Parcel Boxes That Mount To The Wall

I will conclude by saying that last is definitely not the last! We offer wall mounted parcel boxes that allow you to enjoy the benefits of a slim line solution while still being able to accommodate A4 mail, satchels, or small parcels of any size.

Lisbon wall mounted letterbox is perfect for homes or complexes with multiple letterboxes installed side-by-side! As with our freestanding range, the top part of the lid lifts upwards, creating a floor that drops away when closed so that the mail drops into a safe compartment below. As a result, if someone were to open the lid of your parcel box, the floor would collapse again, preventing anyone from accessing your mail.

It is convenient to retrieve your mail whenever you need it when your front door has a key lock. The wall mounted parcel box comes in a variety of colors and has so many benefits.