Baker’s Racks one the one piece of furniture that has a long history of being part of the home. From the early 17th century though the present, they have been used as a cooling rack or hutch to store items in.

Here recently they are regaining favor to decorate your home with old world charm.
In the past old world bakers would use these racks for cooling breads, and they eventually made their way into the home. Often made of steel or iron they were used to cool the big trays of baked goods as they came out of the ovens. In old world neighborhoods these racks would find their way to the street where residents could preview the baked goods that were available. One of the benefits to using these bakers racks to cool is they allowed for the cooling process to be equally distributed so baked goods maintained their integrity.

A variation was added where as a hutch replaced some of the upper shelves allowing storage. As they migrated to the home the baker’s racks became far more decorative and became an accent piece of furniture. They started being made in wood and wrought iron. Some added hutches to the top or cabinets to the underneath creating a storage solution as well as a wonderful way to allow home made baked-goods to cool and cure.

Bakers racks in the 21st century may not be used as they once where. They have regained fashion as a way as an accent piece. Most do not use the rack to cool pies or home made bread. Instead they have come a way to display collections of books, plants and knick-knacks. In many cases the plain steel rack is now become ornate and decorative. Some are understated and simple, adding a quiet class to sense of class to a room.

Overall most people who purchase bakers racks, have a find it really does ad some charm and class to their home. When looking for one deciding what you would like it to accomplish, storage design or both. That will help you pick the one best for you. But no matter what you choose, it’s a great way to decorate and organize at the same time.

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