If you’ve purchased a home in San Diego County within the last 4 to 5 years, your property tax bill is probably too high! Many home owners don’t know that, under Proposition 8, they are entitled to file an appeal with the San Diego County Assessor’s Office to have their home reassessed, more accurately reflecting today’s lower property values. Since a home owner’s property tax bill is based on the assessed value of that home, a reduction in assessed value will yield a reduction in property tax!

Many home owners would like to file for a reassessment of their homes, but they do not know the procedure. For widely varying fees, some real estate professionals will file this request for reassessment for the individual home owner, as considerable research must be done regarding comparable property values. Most home owners do not have access to that information.

Time is running out for San Diego home owners to file for a reassessment of their homes for tax year 2008-2009. Interested home owners should contact a real estate professional who is very knowledgeable in researching comparable values for help in preparing their appeal, and, very possibly, reducing their property taxes. Why pay more tax than you have to??

Who I Am

My name is Patty Brown-Goldojarb and I have been a licensed California real estate agent and a San Diego County resident for many years. I am experienced in researching recently sold comparable property values in ALL areas of San Diego County….exactly the sort of research that is needed in order to file a successful appeal of your assessed property value. Why pay more in property tax than is necessary? Simply proving, via comparable sales data, that the price of your home has declined to less than your purchase price could yield considerable property tax savings for you.

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