People say that you will be able to know the personality of a person once you get in his place. There, you would see everything from his outdoors, interior decorations up to the cluttering stuff that surrounds the place. Well, you could judge the person by seeing how miserable his place could be, but come to think of it…would it be a reliable basis to consider in getting to know an individual? I guess not!

What if the person is just too busy perhaps a workaholic but does not prefer to hire a household helper? That would really make his or her house a mess, but that couldn’t mean he is a lousy person. But despite this, I guess the person won’t even try to explain to everybody why his shoes and socks are scattered all over, his chairs in living room are not properly arranged and the sala set is completely untidy. Then, what you need is just few minutes to know these tips that will be of great help in revamping your chaotic place to a home sweet home.

  • Plan your work and work on your plan

First things first, do the necessary plan. Set your objectives first and think on the ways on how to achieve these goals and objectives. Say, you want to set your house for the coming Christmas season, list the things you need to create the desired environment. At this point, you can also list the stuffs you need to buy for the said plan of restoration and decoration.

  • Start cleaning and decorating with a positive attitude

You should also consider your emotions and moods before you start decorating and revamping your home sweet home. Surely, your moods will greatly affect your drive of making every little thing in order. Do not work yet if you are not in your best form to do so. Start working with positive attitude and everything will happen according to your plan. No money and time to be wasted, no fine lines in your forehead, but just a well maintained home in the end.

  • Involve your kids in the cleaning activity

Let your kids experience what it takes to make a general home cleaning and restoration. Let them know how you work for it so that they would learn to watch out their activities and will avoid to mess up the house. You can delegate the easy tasks to them such as the picking up of small but scattered things and putting them in a box. Tell them to fix their rooms and cabinets. They can also perform simple tasks like sweeping the floor and working on the kitchen dishes.
In decorating like setting up a Christmas tree, they will be excited to drape

  • Division of Labor is a Must

If you have more than two kids, you can give them different tasks where they can do better. Say, the oldest will be the one to do the most difficult task and will also monitor the performance of the other siblings. The one next to him will do the kitchen tasks and the younger ones can take care of the dresser and other lights chores. Suggest to them that they make the Division of Labor List and post it to the refrigerator where the name of the one that will not perform his assignment will be crossed and noted. You can even reinforce and motivate them in a way that they will be encouraged to do the chores.

  • Maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your house

After checking your list of objectives and make sure that you have not missed anything from the list, now is the plan to maintain its orderliness. Do remind your kids that maintaining the cleanliness is much easier than always having the need to do the general cleaning.

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