Blog - How To Make Your St. Charles Yard Less Appealing To Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the most widespread pests all over the world. Whether you live in humid or dry weather, mosquitos are likely bound to show up in your backyard sometime or the other. So it is always better to be prepared beforehand and to keep this harmful pest away from your home. Mosquitoes are versatile insects with several dangerous diseases like Malaria and dengue. These pests are looking for places with abundant moisture and stagnant water holes to lay their eggs to produce young ones. However, if such infestations occur in your backyard, they might harm your and your loved ones’ lives. 

You must get rid of any mosquitos present in your backyard as soon as possible because they have a high reproduction rate and tend to create colonies in damp areas quickly. So if you suspend any mosquito infestation in your yard, you can learn more by reading the blog ahead. 

Tips to control mosquitoes in your backyard 

  1. Get rid of debris 

Mosquitoes exist in tiny sizes and large numbers. Due to their size, it is easier to hide and seek shelter even in little places, and they mostly prefer small gaps or holes to live in. These pests are one of the most stubborn insects you will come across, so mosquitoes will not budge from your house environment unless you remove any debris stuck in your backyard. 

Additionally, even if you call a pest control service to get some chemical treatments for your house, these mosquitoes can hide under it to prevent you from dying or leaving your premises. So it is vital to clean the debris first to ensure none of the treatment you apply in your backyard goes in vain. 

  1.  Clear out stagnant water 

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Even if the backyard is free from debris and stagnant water alone is enough to attract mosquitoes to lay hundreds of eggs in stagnant puddles around your house. Eventually, it becomes an ecosystem for thousands of mosquitoes, resulting in a pest hazard around your home. 

Before your pest control treatment is done, remove all the stagnant water in your backyard to avoid any future mosquito infestation. You also have to keep checking that there are no stagnant water puddles in your backyard for a more extended period. Taking such speculation will ensure your backyard is mosquito-free and secure your and your loved one’s health from diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. 

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