Reynoldsburg Officers Scott Marshall and Robert King helped Rachelle finish home improvement projects left behind by her husband.

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio — Reynoldsburg police officers are stepping in to help a mother of two whose husband suddenly passed away.

“We want people to know we are here for them, and we do want to make a difference, despite what is going on out there,” said Reynoldsburg Officer Scott Marshall.

Police were called for an emergency to a Reynoldsburg home.

The husband, who suffered from health issues, fell and passed away.

“You felt terrible for her because she just lost her husband. She has two young girls. You could just tell once we did talk the pain she was in and the things she was going through,” Marshall said.

Marshall said that Rachelle’s husband had started home improvement projects and did not get the chance to complete them.

Knowing they can’t bring her husband back, officers hoped they could ease Rachelle’s pain by finishing some of those projects.

That’s when officers Marshall and Robert King, as a part of the Licking County Starfish Assignment stepped in to help.

“We want to show her it’s going to be OK, and that we are here to support her in any way that she needs,” Officer King said.

They partnered with Lowes and got donations to help finish floors, hang doors, and when the weather gets better, repair fences outside the home.

“As soon as we told her ‘hey, we are going to help you out with this, we really want to make something happen for you’ she started to cry,” Marshall said.

“It’s who we are, it’s who we are. I love doing things like this for the community,” King said.

The officers also bought a couple of pairs of shoes for Rachelle’s daughters.

Rachelle said it is still very tough and that she is grateful for the support.