Access control systems are physical and electronic systems which enable the authorities to control access to the area and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system. These systems are considered as essential in order to maintain and secure the confidential information of the organization, or to provide security to the equipment. These systems are designed to control network security limiting which users are permitted to use resources on a computer system.

Organizations have sensitive data and Network security is imperative, especially for those organizations which handle sensitive data and want to maintain their data confidentially. Computer control system would be administered in a central location and provides a specific identity to each user, while a security administrator will give the access privileges to the employees, using settings within the administration software. High Security Group is the UK’s premier service for business and home security systems, delivering products and services to the highest standards and providing excellent customer service. Abingdon Access is a renowned access control and CCTV solution provider company working in the UK and offer s a comprehensive range of these products, such as cameras, digital video recorder, entry phone and exit buttons and electronic locks.

To ensure the level of security within the organizations working in the UK, many physical access control systems are controlled by electronic ones. For instance a door can be unlocked with electronic card readers, RFIDs, hand geometry units, fingerprint scanners, keypads, and balanced magnetic switches. All these access control technologies required a special multiplexing system and a set of redundant servers, and when an odd entry occurred in the system, the server can easily detect the place and nature of the problem. Electronic access control systems come with a wide variety of features and administrative capabilities which allows an administrator to precisely define the access privileges for each user and also instantly update them with the system, which is much more convenient than granting or revoking key privileges.

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