The green iguana has over the last decade become a extremely popular pet in the United States. It may be the most popular reptile pet in the United States today. You see people with pet green iguanas on leashes and carrying them on their shoulder like a parrot. There is no doubt that people love owning such a unique and interesting pet like a pet green iguana!

But before you go out and get a iguana as a pet you should do your research to make sure you truly want it and that you are able to house and care for your pet lizard properly. There is much to consider and understand before owning a green iguana as a pet. You need to understand the proper diet and feeding of a iguana,its environment ,habitat and housing need. The temperature of the housing and humidity is of great importance. Learning how handle and hold your lizard,and all the different health aspects to owning a pet green iguana. Here is something a lot of people fail to consider before owning a green iguana,they can reach over six feet in length. So you have to consider do you have the space needed to house your new pet. I know you may have seen movies where a persons pet iguana is just roaming around the house or apartment this is not being realistic.

Do you really want your pet lizard going to the bathroom where it feels in your home?Also lizards are escape artist,they love to go roaming about and they may end up in your neighbors flower patch(they like eating flowers) or in their garden,or worse yet escape when it is cold out side and die. Green iguanas sometimes can be difficult to tame and at times aggressive. So knowing how to train your pet lizard and teaching it to get use to be handle is something you will also have to deal with when owning one. I am not trying to get not to own one ,in fact they can be great pets,but you do have to realize like any pet there is many care,health,and hosing concerns and training involved in owning a pet lizard.

Iguanas will grow very rapidly and reach adult hood in about two to three years. Healthy young iguanas can be feisty, they run and dart around quickly and often whip their tails when anyone attempts pick them up. Proper temperatures and humidity are extremely important for the health and well being of your pet Green Iguana. Iguanas require a basking temperature of about 95 degrees and the housing temperature of 80 to 85 degrees. this is just an outline and you will need to know and only covers the basics that you will nee to know when owning a green iguana pet,but if you are willing to learn and do what is needed to maintain your pet lizards health,they can be a really cool pet to own!

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